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The Envato Marketplace features stock photos, videos, graphics, and more at reasonable prices. You can use their content for personal projects and even commercial.  Add great content to your website or project.  We highly recommend the Envato Market for the ease of adding content to a project and the premium content available.

  • Quality Content
  • Pricing
  • Plenty of products to choose from
  • Licenses
  • Products can be removed after purchasing

We recently reviewed a website featuring free website images, but perhaps you want more premium images or videos than that website could provide. Well, welcome to the Envato Market. They have audio, images, videos, graphics, and even website templates. We’ve used their products for years and we believe you would enjoy using it as well.

First, What is the Envato Market?

The Envato Marketplace is a place for web developers, designers, or someone looking to add something to their project. There’s anything from photos, video, code snippets, website templates to graphics. The options are limitless. For the photos, they begin prices at $2 and go up from there.

For the videos, they tend to vary in price. We’ve seen them start around $5 to $10. Typically they start around $20 in our experience, or for videos we search for. We will go into more details in our blog post and discuss the other places in the market place.

Secondly, How do we use it?

You may wonder what the process is of getting content from Envato to your website. Well, we would be happy to explain it.

First, you purchase the content from their website. When purchasing the content, you need to select the license you want for the product. Do you want the regular license or the extended? The regular license allows you to have multiple end products, up to 500,000 copies, but unlimited for the web. And no merchandise use. The extended license features unlimited copies and merchandise use. These license apply to the photos section of the website. Videos, graphics, sfx, and/or website templates will have there own license types. Please be careful in selecting the correct license for your project.

After that, you will be able to add the content to your website. Make sure to keep the license and receipt available in case there are any questions presented to you.

Pros and Cons

So, now let’s discuss the pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros.

  • Quality content
  • Pricing
  • Plenty of products to choose from

Number one, quality content. We love all the different items available to purchase at the Envato Market. You could almost completely set up a website just with the content from Envato.

Second is pricing. It’s hard to find quality items available for a website, for personal or commercial use at a good price. Hence the reason to use Envato Marketplace.

Thirdly, the overwhelming amount of items available to purchase. You will find pages and pages of content to choose from, in all the categories they offer.

Now, the cons. We know, we know, nothing’s perfect, right?

  • Licenses
  • Content being removed after purchases

One thing about the content on the website is when you purchase the item or items you are also purchasing a license to use that content. We understand that. But sometimes when you switch to commercial use the price goes up significantly. But, that is the “price” you pay for using content in a commercial way.

Next, is content being removed after you’ve purchased the content. Sometimes, the author of the content you purchased will remove that content without notice. Now, you might have downloaded the item and license right after you purchased it, which it wise. But, sometimes you’re unable to download it right away and forget about it. It happens. Well, if you purchase the content and the author removed it shortly after, well your probably out of luck. So, make sure to download the item right after you purchase it to avoid a problem like this. That’s coming from experience.

We hope this review helps and encourage you in using the Envato Marketplace. Read our blog post going into more detail on the other items you can purchase with Envato.

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