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PHP 8.1 Now Available


Are you ready to incorporate Enumerations in your PHP development?  The wait is over!  In PHP version 8.1, Enumerations are now supported, among other new features.  View the full list to see all the improvements with this release. There…

GoDaddy Hosting Review


You just started your company and need a website.  Take a look at GoDaddy.  Your first stop for everything from websites to your social media presence.  They’ll even help you establish your brand with their Digital Marketing Suite. Or use…

Envato Market


We recently reviewed a website for free images and videos.  You may ask, is there a website with premium images or videos, for a low price?  Yes, yes there is.  Let us introduce you to the Envato Market. They have…

Need Free Website Images?


Have you been looking for free website images, but not having any luck?  We think we found a great option.  Look no further than Pexels. We’ve used Pexels for many of our personal projects, anything from website development or adding…

Welcome to Web Developer Crowd


Hello everyone, Welcome to Web Developer Crowd. I’m Matt. One of the writers/developers here. I hope you’ll be able to visit this website and gain new knowledge about the Web Development career This website was created to have a community…