PHP 8.1 Now Available

Are you ready to incorporate Enumerations in your PHP development?  The wait is over!  In PHP version 8.1, Enumerations are now supported, among other new features.  View the full list to see all the improvements with this release.

There are plenty of new features to help you streamline your development.  One addition is Enumerations are now supported. Fibers support is now available. This update also deprecates some features and adds “quality-of-life” improvements, as adds.  PHP 8.1 will reach its end-of-life by the end of 2024.

We recommend you check the list to see all the changes and improvements.  Tell us how you plan to use the features from the new release!  What kind of projects do you work on with PHP?  Will this update help you?  Let us know in the comments!  These updates should help structure your code better as well.   That’s always helpful.  Do you want to manage all your social media in one place?  Take a look at our Social Pilot post and see how you can manage all your social media, and even schedule new posts.


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