GoDaddy Hosting Review

You just started your company and need a website.  Take a look at GoDaddy.  Your first stop for everything from websites to your social media presence.  They’ll even help you establish your brand with their Digital Marketing Suite. Or use their Email Marketing.


Disclosure: We only recommend products that we would use ourselves and any opinion expressed here is our own. This article may contain affiliate links where we may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you.  Some images in this post are screenshots of the GoDaddy website.  

Who is GoDaddy?

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, GoDaddy is one of the worlds largest provider of online services, such as web hosting, domain name registration, your website security, and even growing your brand.  Personally, we have used their products for some time and haven’t run into any problems so far.  As a result, there’s 6 categories of hosting: Standard web hosting, WordPress hosting, WordPress eCommerce hosting, Business hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting.  They are currently running a discount for $2.99/mo Web Hosting!

Standard Hosting

Firstly, the Standard hosting has 4 options, Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum. It’s probably best for those who are beginning their development journey, but want more control than a WordPress site offers.

Each option varies on how many websites you want to host or how many databases you need.  Lets review a little more.  We were happy to learn that you can have databases with the accounts.  It makes storing data much easier.

Economy is best for low traffic websites and if you’re on a budget.  There’s 100 GB of storage. You’re only allowed to have 1 website in the account and 10 databases.  You do get a free year of the Microsoft Email subscription and a free domain.  At the time of writing this, the price is $6 per month with a 3 year subscription.  It renews after the contract at $9.

Deluxe allows for websites with a little more traffic.  They offer unlimited websites in the account and up to 25 databases.  You get the same perks as the Economy hosting package. It currently is offered at $8 per month with a 3 year term.  It renews after that for $12.

Ultimate is a great option if you have a lot of traffic going to your site.  It offers the same benefits as the Deluxe package, however, you have the option of unlimited databases.  It also offers a free SSL certificate with your first year. Its price is $13 with the 3 year term and renews after that for $17.

Maximum has the most processing speed and power.  For instance, it offers the same benefits from the Ultimate hosting but has a free SSL Certificate for all of your websites in the account.  It retails for $20 with a 3 year term and renews for $25 when that ends.

WordPress Hosting

So you’re a fan of WordPress.  Why not use the second choice, the WordPress hosting option from GoDaddy. 

The WordPress hosting offers easy setup, built in security, and SEO integrations to help you rank higher in search engines.  As a result, they offer 4 plans: Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and eCommerce., which features WooCommerce, WordPress’s eCommerce application.

Economy is the best choice if you’re just getting started.  It has a free SSL Certificate, domain, and Business email included in the plan. There’s 30 GB of storage, website backups, and automatic daily malware scans.  GoDaddy states this is best for websites with less than 25k monthly visitors.  It’s listed at $5 per month with a 3 year subscription and renews at $10.  

Deluxe offers everything from Economy, plus 75 GB of storage, the SEO optimizer, and a 1 click testing site.  Then you don’t have to worry about making live edits.  This is best for up to 100k per month visitors to your website.  It is listed at $7 per month with a 3 year subscription and renews at $15.  

Ultimate has everything from Deluxe hosting, plus it enables you to have online marketing with more storage and security.  There’s unlimited storage and visitors.  It also offers unlimited malware removal and hack repair.  This is the Website Security Essential plan, included. Here you’re looking at $11 per month with a 3 year subscription and renews at $20.  

eCommerce is the plan for the guy or gal that needs a online store with easy setup.  It’s benefits are everything from Ultimate, plus GoDaddy Payments(their payment processor), unlimited products, appointment scheduling, real-time shipping rates, and free access to top WooCommerce plugins.  You can use other payment processors as well. Being the top dog, the price for this package is $16 per month with a 3 year subscription and renews at $25.  

WordPress eCommerce Hosting

The WordPress eCommerce Hosting is the same as the eCommerce section from the WordPress hosting section.

With this option, you’re getting 75 free WooCommerce plugins and themes.  They say that’s $6,000 in value of extensions and themes!  As a result, you shouldn’t have any problems of success in your online business using this method.  As mentioned previously, it’s $16 per month with a 3 year subscription and renews at $25.  

Business Hosting

Are you a big business and need lots of computer power for your website?  Enter Business Hosting.  It makes it faster for your customer and easier for you. As GoDaddy puts it, “The power of a server, without the technical pain.”  They offer 4 plans: Launch, Enhance, Grow, and Expand.  All plans feature unlimited websites and SSL certificates for those websites.


Launch is the best for multiple websites without many features.  It has 60 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, and 1 CPU core for power.  It goes for $20 a month and renews for $30 a month after the term you agree to ends.

Enhance is great for high traffic websites.  For instance, you even have the option to use WordPress or Joomla as the CMS(Content Management System).  It has 90 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, and 2 CPUs of power.  Its price is $35 a month and renews for $50 a month after the term you agree to ends.

Grow is for more advances eCommerce websites.  Perhaps the kind that use Magento.  It features 120 GB of storage, 6 GB of RAM, and 3 CPU for power.  Its current price is $45 a month and renews for $70 a month after the term you agree to ends.

Expand is for your websites that need a lot of resources, for instance similar to photography sites. There’s 150 GB of storage, 8 GB of RAM, and 4 CPUs of power.  It’s offered at $60 a month and renews for $100 a month after the term you agree to ends.

VPS Hosting

Do you need full control of the server? VPS hosting is your answer.  The self managed virtual server hosting offers 4 options: 1vCPU, 2vCPU 4vCPU, and 8vCPU.  You also get a version for standard RAM or opt up for high RAM.


1vCPU is $5 per month and even continues that price at renewal.  It includes 1CPU core, 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of SSD storage, and is Linux only.  You can have 1 additional IP by request.  For the high RAM version.  It is $10 per month and you keep that price at renewal.  You also get 2 GB of RAM and 40 GB of SSD storage with the high RAM option selected.

2vCPU offers 2 CPU cores, 4 GB of RAM, 100 GB SDD storage, and 2 additional IP addresses by request.  The price is $20 per month and you keep that price at renewal.  The high RAM option, offered at $30 per month, gives you 8 GB of RAM, instead of 4.  

4vCPU offers 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 200 GB SSD storage, and 3 additional IPs by request, offered at $40 per month.  Secondly, the high RAM version adds 8 GB of RAM for a total of 16GB, for $50 per month.

8vCPU allocates 8 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 400 GB SDD storage, and 3 additional IPs per request.  It’s price is $70 per month.  If you want the high RAM version, you have 32 GB of RAM, and the price becomes $100 per month.

Self managed or Fully managed?

With self-managed VPS hosting, you get root access, unlimited admin accounts, monitoring and alerts, and scalability.  GoDaddy also offers fully managed hosting as well if you would rather they manage the server, while you focus on other things.  The self hosting is $5 per month and provides many options.  You can have up to 32 GB of RAM, cCentOS, Ubuntu, or Windows server as the operating system.  Your control panel options are cPanel/WHM, or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition.  The monitoring and alerts will have 5 minute intervals.  Fully managed, priced at $100 per month has the same benefits as self-managed, however, it doesn’t have ubuntu has the operating system, and has 1 minute intervals for montioring and alerts.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Looking for more root access?  Look no further than Dedicated Server hosting.  Their prices start at $130 per month and go up to $420 per month.  


This option has so many benefits, that we are unable to list all of them in this article, but feel free to go over to their website to see if Dedicated Server Hosting is right for you.  You’re able to have SSD storage or HDD storage.  It’s your preference.  The lowest amount of storage you can have with HDD is two 4 TB (Raid-1) and the highest is two 8 TB (Raid-1). The lowest SSD storage is two 500 GB (Raid-1) and the highest is two 1 TB (Raid-1).


Wow, that was a lot of information!  Are you still with us?  We hope this information was helpful in whether or not to chose GoDaddy as you hosting provider.  Some people on our team have used GoDaddy for several years and have enjoyed the benefits they offer. We think you will too.  Are you considering using GoDaddy as a hosting provider?  Let us know in the comments.  Interested in adding photos, video, or graphics to your website?  You might want to check out our post on the Envato Market, where you can get everything for your website.

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