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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Web Developer Crowd. I’m Matt. One of the writers/developers here. I hope you’ll be able to visit this website and gain new knowledge about the Web Development career/lifestyle. This website was created to have a community of Web Developers come together and continue to grow in their field.


Personally, I have 8 years of experience with Web Development. I’ve used PHP, MySQL, WordPress, React, and more in those years. I would like to learn more as well. I really have enjoyed PHP. It’s great to have dynamic content, without having to go back and update something, such as a copyright year.

But, I believe you can do those things in React too. And with React, you only need the index page and can dynamically pass content to it. Wonderful. Back when music was popular on websites, that would have been handy. Then the music wouldn’t stop and start with each page change.


So, I hope you enjoy the content here and come back when you want to learn more about technology, mostly in the Web Developer field. Although it’s been mentioned on other sections of the website. Feel free to let us know if there is anything you think we should review, or keep our eye on in the future.

Take care.

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