What is a Web Developer’s Salary?

Have you ever thought about being a web developer, but would rather learn more about the career first and what it involves?  Great idea.  We will be glad to help inform you on what the position is, and how much you potentially can make.


First, lets explain what a web developer does.  A web developer writes code for the web.  Makes sense. That can be to create a website, a web store, or a SaaS(Software as a Service) product.

Front-end or Back-end

There are several areas that web developer can gravitate towards.  If you only like writing code, then being a back-end developer is for you.  What if you want focus more on the layout of the website or web store?  Then you’ll want to be a front-end developer.  If you want to work with both, then a full stack developer position is best. 

Now, there may be less stress choosing to be a front-end developer or back-end developer vs a full stack web developer.  A back-end developer will most likely work with a graphic designer or front-end developer to develop content.  And a front-end developer will work with a back-end developer to complete projects.  But, full stack developers can make more money.  It’s all a matter of what you value. 


The salary

So, on that note, lets discuss the average web developer salary.  Based on Indeed, the average web developer salary is $74,188 based in June 2021. 

You may ask, what about a entry level developer?  Well, the average entry level developer salary is $66,682, and that is with less than a years experience.  Not to shabby if we say so ourselves.

Mid-level developers, which is a range from 2 to 9 years, can expect to make roughly $65,422 to $85,000.

Senior-level developers range from 10 years experience and up have the ability to make $94,326 and more. 


While that does sound exciting, remember a lot of work went into learning how to code and keeping up with the latest technology trends. The entry level education experience is typically an Associates Degree, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree for the average, and a Master’s or Doctorate to gain as much knowledge as you can, prior to entering the real world.  However, some students are able to complete an internship at a company, and be hired when they complete college.


We didn’t mention it earlier, but web developers tend to have good benefits as well. Indeed suggests that the most common benefits with a web developer position are, relocation assistance, vision insurance, life insurance, paid time off(PTO), and a 401(k).

One other important thing to note is these salaries can also vary depending on where you live and work.  A salary for a web developer position in North Carolina might be quite different from someone living and working in California or working for a small business or Amazon.  There are many factors when it comes to determining someone’s salary.

Are you looking for a web developer position?  Let us know below whether you prefer back-end, front-end, or full stack development.  Do you need free images on your website that’s safe to use for personal or commercial use?  View our other post to learn more.

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